Automatic intermediate proofer

Automatic intermediate proofer

The automatic intermediate proofer should be integrate in bread line which include a volumetric hopper divider and a moulder. It is designed for medium and big quantities (from 300 to 2000 quintal/month)

The model

We propose one model: the LTA with management by robot. Variable capacity functions of the needs.


  • Automatic intermediate proofer including in standard: rounder, dryer, gutters for big breads, loader-distributor
  • The management by a robot allows: To have an alternate lay down avoiding the sticking To reverse the way of the link belt of the intermediate proofer, to choose if the pieces of dough will be moulded in exit To stop automatically the drying of the gutters after working To have a daily program indicating more precisely the maintenance program of the intermediate proofer and the moulder
  • Distribution system with vertical lay-down of the pieces of dough
  • Automatic loading / unloading
  • Frame made of sheets of food epoxy coated metal and front in Plexiglas
  • Cloth made of felt treated
  • High resistance mechanical chain – Gutters with rigid discharge spouts
  • Main drive by gears in steel and removable transmission shaft coupled to a motorcycle-reducing brake – Electric box IP55 E

Ergonomics / Maintenance

  • Drying system of the intermediate proofers
  • Exit belt with discharge spout to center the pieces of dough, exit on the right or on the left
  • Automatic research of the first loaded intermediate proofer
  • They also allow to unbend the pieces of dough before the moulding if you doesn’t stop them (they take 13 minutes to make a compete cycle)- Easy access to the gutters by a safety sliding panel- Silent working