Industrial bread slicer

Industrial bread slicer

Industrial bread slicer is designed to slice all sorts of breads. They allow to provide an additional service to your customers and to better preserve the breads thanks to the bag.

The range

  • CI, industrial model


  • Frames of blades are made of steel
  • Bread slicer delivered with a shovel to put breads in the bag. It corresponds to the maximum cutting width of the machine.
  • Cut thickness : from 9 mm
  • Cut height : 150 mm – Voltage : Three-phases 220/380V+T (single-phase in option)

Ergonomics / Maintenance

  • The life span of a set of blades varies according to the following factor: type of bread, toughness of the crust, temperature of bread… We estimate it between 25 000 and 30 000 breads
  • Security : our bread-slicers are secured according to the norms in effect
  • Cleaning and easy maintenance thanks to the big capacity crumb collector drawer and, by its simple system to dismantled the frame.


  • Double cut
  • Voltage single-phase 220V+T
  • Tool to put in bag