Semi-automatic intermediate proofer LTAS

Semi-automatic intermediate proofer LTAS

Balancelle semi-automatique

The semi-automatic intermediate proofer with manual filling is designed for medium productions. It accepts as well as the pieces of dough for small breads that for big breads.


  • Manual loading and automatic unloading
  • Intermediate proofer with gutters equipped with felts and velcro
  • Free selection by the operator of the number of pieces of dough per gutter
  • Selector switch with 2 positions : manual loading or self emptying
  • Auto-carrier frame made of steel coated, gutters shaped in « U » with rod of diameter 10mm
  • Rounder shelf
  • Germicide lamp

Ergonomics / Maintenance

  • Use friendly: the control panel can be placed on the left (to be specified on order), or on the right. The time of loading corresponds to the time of loading by the operator + 3 seconds for the time of loading the gutter
  • Easy maintenance thanks to the removable panels