Vertical moulder FL86 3R NM

Vertical moulder FL86 3R NM

The model

FL 86 3R NM, equipped with 3 rollers


  • Frame welded, epoxy surface in high resistance
  • 3 rollers of rolling assuring a good presentation of pieces of dough and a progressive rolling
  • 2 belts of lengthening
  • Transmission by strap
  • Capacity : 1800 pieces per hour (piece of 1500 g maximum)

Ergonomics / Maintenance

  • Manual load by a chute equipped with safety device
  • Intended to be placed on a manual intermediate proofer or on feet
  • Reception on a provided felt bar
  • Silent working
  • Equipped with 2 hoisting handful useful to setting up, handling and displacement
  • Machine’s safety: with a sensitive chute which induce stopping of the machine in the
    slightest touch. This device is connected with a sensor of cut.

Operating lever

  • Lever of regulating of lengthening
  • Lever of regulating of rolling
  • Button walks
  • Button stopping
  • Swivel tunnel of load for stopping of security


  • Voltage: 400V Three-phases + N+G
  • Power: 0,55 kW
  • 50 or 60Hz at request

Dimensions – Weight

  • Dimensions : L 944 x H 597 x P 704 mm
  • Poids : 200 kg


  • Tubular stand with casters equipped of brakes
  • 230V single-phase