Vertical moulders

Vertical moulders

The vertical moulders are designed to laminate and to mould some pieces of dough which are intended to the making of baguettes, breads and small breads, in a little space.

The rangee

3 vertical moulders are available. They distinguish themselves by their number of rollers :

  • FL86 2R, equipped with 2 rollers
  • FL 86 3R, equipped with 3 rollers
  • FL86 TI, equipped with 3 rollers + introduction belt


  • Standard vertical moulder to put on intermediate proofer or on discharge belt (or on stand in option)
  • Frame made of foundry aluminium
  • Cylinder with anti-adhesive food plastic sheeting, avoiding the tearing
  • Belt made of felt (thockness 6 mm) assuring an increased longevity. Felt wool woven strained without end
  • Back felt on raised box-beam suppressing the bounds of piece of dough
  • Moulding of pieces of dough from 200 to 1000 g
  • 2 rotative belts (3 on model FL86 TI), watertight ball bearing
  • Watertight electric box, IP55
  • Heavy belt with adjustable weights (bars of loading)
  • Epoxy coated treated anti-attrition

Ergonomics / Maintenance

  • No maintenance of the ball-bearings because they are life greased and are provided of hermetic protections
  • Easy maintenance : the scrapers of cylinders are removable without tool
  • Preventive maintenance : it is possible to change easily the belts
  • Convenient cleaning thanks to the fast disassembly of the secured cover, of all scrapers and the whole heavy belt
  • Right control panel
  • Emergency stop button in frontage
  • The tension system of the belts is very accessible because you does not need to disassembly the covers
  • Moulder equipped with a recuperation shelf

Optional extras

  • Tubular stand with casters FL86 PT (height : 860 mm)
  • Stainless steel tubular stand with casters FL86 PTI (height : 860 mm)
  • Left control panel
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Retractable belt RE