Closed hopper divider

Closed hopper divider

Peseuse diviseuse volumétrique à trémie fermée

The closed hopper divider is designed to divide the dough in equal weight. It distinguishes itself of a hydraulic divider by the fact that the whole dough in the fork kneader bowl can be spilled in one time via a bowl lift in the exit of the fork kneader. Besides, it has a belt allowing to provide an automatic intermediate proofer or to take back manually the dough.


  • Meter-programmer allows to fix in advance the number of dough to weigh and to divide
  • Closed hopper divider able to weigh all type of dough :
    • rested until 3 hours in bowl > hydrated until 80%
    • all type of flours
    • health food
  • Precision of the weight of the dough, from the beginning to the end of +/- 5 g. It is got by air pressure of 0,7 bar. Control thanks to a wheel with location by a rev counter.
  • Bowl with coating made of Teflon allowing the dough to slide down better and suppressing the grease using
  • Air compressor integrated in the autonomous frame – It does not caused any stress on the dough : no aspiration, no tearing schema
  • Manual opening and closing of the hopper
  • Length of the discharge belt : from 765 to 1015 mm
  • Piston made in stainless steel – Frame made of aluminium foundry and coasted steel

Ergonomics / Maintenance

  • Easy cleaning by toppling over of the hopper
  • Safety frames which stop automatically the divider when they are dismantled, in order to clean it in safety – Small size
  • Dry-working of the piston, it is not necessary to bring oil
  • Easy mobility thanks to its 4 casters, of which 2 revolving and braked at the rear


  • Stainless steel frame
  • The change of gears allows to get a more important production output : up to 1450 pieces of dough per hour.