Horizontal moulder

Horizontal moulder

The horizontal moulder is designed to sheet and to mould the pieces of dough intended to the making of baguettes and small breads. It distinguishes itself of the vertical moulder by its rate of work: you get a better output, optimized stretching and alternative laying down with a horizontal moulder


  • Automatic horizontal moulder without discharge belt (in option)
  • Manual control of the tension of the belts
  • Frame made of zinc steel
  • The entry belt disjoints the overflow of flour coming from the intermediate proofer (it avoids a bad moulding)
  • It accepts some dough hydrated from 50{0c2fdc32e02e97847e9d8f37d1f83ef32c18357204bb1ad9b6bf260ef115feb0} to 80{0c2fdc32e02e97847e9d8f37d1f83ef32c18357204bb1ad9b6bf260ef115feb0}
  • Sheeting rollers will coating made of Teflon
  • Meeting belt giving a croissant shape to the piece of dough before the introduction in the moulding system

Ergonomics / Maintenance

  •  Thanks to its self-working you can use the time of the moulding to accomplish other tasks
  • Less noise thanks to its gears by notched belt
  • Easy maintenance:
    • The substitution of the belts makes without completely disassembling the machine, basis control are conserved therefore
    • Easy disassembly of the scrapers and the heavy belt without tool
    • Safety removal of the frame and tools
  • Comfortable mobility : equipped with 4 casters of which 2 with brake
  • Right or left control panel

Optional extras

  • Discharge belt 2,5 m F25M
  • Discharge belt 3 m F30M