Hydraulic divider

Hydraulic divider

The hydraulic divider DL20C is designed to divide the dough in equal weight. The square divider allows getting some square pieces of dough for a direct making of “paved” Thanks to their studies shapes, they allowed a completely uniform spreading out of dough on the whole surface and the covers.


  • Loading of dough from 6 to 17 kg – Frame made of coated metal sheets, cap made of aluminium foundry
  • Autonomous hydraulic unit
  • Semi-automatic working, manual unlocking of the cap
  • The weight of the doughs is adjustable from 300 to 850 g
  • The manufacturing of the knives offer a perfect cut without tearing of the dough. Knives made of stainless steel, thickness 3 mm
  • Automatic raised again of the knives for cleaning
  • Only one lever orders the motion of the head and knives
  • The minimum time of the cycle is of 3 seconds. It depends on the operator’s kills.
  • Plaster float made of smooth plastic cast.

Ergonomics / Maintenance

The divider has been developed for an easy use and an optimal maintenance:

  • Comfortable mobility: divider supplied of twin casters equipped with brakes in the front
  • Maintenance and cleaning are convenient:
    • Cleaning position that raised again the knives
    • Easy cleaning thanks to the separator between the unit and the plasters float
    • Protective plate covering the oil-box and the motor to facilitate cleaning and to avoid the deposit on these parts
  • Sound intensity reduced: lower than 75 dB, no continuous noise, only when the jack is activated – Lubrification circuit integrated from the factory
  • Appropriate work height for the operator: 920 mm between the floor and the bowl side


  • Stainless steel outside
  • Moving handle
  • Grid for small breads 40 or 80 divisions
  • Grid for baguettes
  • Plate for hydraulic divider