Manual Intermediate Proofer

Manual Intermediate Proofer

Le repose-pâtons est conçu pour faire reposer la pâte après la division et donc de développer et de dégager le goût et les arômes de la pâte tout en facilitant ensuite l’étape de façonnage.

The purpose of the intermediate proofer is to allow for the resting of the bread dough once it has been divided, to develop the flavors and taste of the breads and at the same time facilitate the moulding process.

The model

We offer 4 intermediate proofer models which distinguished themselves by the overall capacity and the length of the swing trays:

  • RPA NM, capacity 256 dough pieces of 350 g
  • RPB NM, capacity 320 dough pieces of 350 g
  • RPC NM, capacity 320 dough pieces of 350 g
  • RPD NM, capacity 400 dough pieces of 350 g


  • Welded steel structure, reinforcing uprights in the corners, reinforced front and rear panels for a perfect sturdiness and alignment of the gears, sprockets and chains. Very quiet operation No jamming of the swing trays Increased useful life
  • The flat top cover allows for any brand’s moulder to be installed
  • Large capacity industrial chains – Heavy duty casters with brakes
  • Loading on two swing trays at the time
  • Swing trays with sliding double felts
  • Two 400V recessed outlets

Ergonomics / Maintenance

  • Removable side covers for easy access and cleaning
  • Drive motor with clutch for manual override
  • Swing trays on removable shafts to speed us the installation of the felts


  • Work table – « hands free » control with a foot operated pedal